Class Descriptions

H.I.I.T - This class is designed to improve the body's ability to use oxygen more effectively while sculpting and strengthening the body. Participants will utilize their own body weight with various low impact pieces of equipment.

Gladiator - This is a 'Get It Done' workout. It is a high intense, multi-functional class that will focus on timed specific exercises that will strengthen the core, increase overall strength and flexibility.

Spartan - Timed rounds that consist of core strength and conditioning. The focus will be on respiratory endurance and strength. Exercises will utilize whole body and multi-joint movements.

Novice - Have been sedentary - little or no exercise - light activity or exercise 1-3 days a week. e.g. - walking, golfing, gardening, house cleaning.

Intermediate - Typically these people are moderately active 3-5 days a week. e.g. - cycling, skiing, tennis, interval running.

Advanced - Typically these people exercise 5-7 days a week with heavy activity. e.g. - interval running, hill climbing, intense lifting.
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