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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rachael 9:27am

Rachael 9:27am
Since April 2013 I have lost 56 lbs! It has taken a lot of work, discipline, and motivation. My weight loss began when I made a conscious decision that I was going to do something about my weight. Since I can remember , I have always carried some extra pounds. Losing weight was always in the back of my mind but I would never do anything about it. Instead of losing weight, I would keep gaining. I weighed 236 lbs in April and I am down to 180 now! In April I was wearing 2XL shirts and a 40 waist and now I am into a Large shirt and 34 waist!
I began doing the Insanity program and when I moved back to Fort Dodge a few months ago I was looking for a gym that would offer a workout similar to what I had been doing. The REC offered that to me and I have been enjoying my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts at the Rec Coliseum since I joined.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rachael 8:46am

Rachael 8:48am
Well....you have already posted one of Jeff, but since I am SO proud of him I am sending this one of us together.
Since starting the coliseum I have lost 20lbs.  and more than that have noticed that I am WAY stronger than ever before!  Together Jeff and I have adopted a healthier lifestyle, changing how we consume food, and making sure that we are active everyday.  I have had weeks where I have struggled with my eating and lack of exercise, but through encouragement and drive I get back up and continue my journey, which is not always easy but very worth it.  We both feel great, and really enjoy the workouts and motivating instructors.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rachael 8:42am

Rachael 8:43am
I just decided one day that it was time to make healthier decisions and change my life style. I lost 85 lbs and went from size 40-32 in 6mo. My wife and I started going to the Coliseum when they opened. I go to the downtown rec in the mornings and the Coliseum at night. I also make healthy food choices.  I am now the most fit I have ever been and I'm now REC STRONG!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rachael 10:38am

Rachael 10:40am
Here is a before and after photo...this is crazy looking back at...no wonder I didn't have my shirt off at the beach.

I was also asked that I submit what motivates me to work out.  So here it is:
I'm motivated to workout by my 'fat' photos and I continue to be motivated by the positive changes that I see and feel physically.  
I want to emphasize that it was not easy and in addition to working out I had to change not just how I eat but realizing why I eat.  It is a lifestyle change and you don't have to cut out everything all the time, just most of it most of the time.
Lets get real...I love chicken wings and beer!

Rachael 10:51am

Rachael 10:53am
I'm down 50 lbs and feel great!!!

Rachael 2:43pm

Rachael 2:43pm
6 months and over 40 lbs. lost. I feel great, sleep apnea is gone. Great atmosphere, great trainers, and great people helped create great results! RecStrong!!

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